Four 2022 Skin Care Must Haves

There is nothing better than that feeling of control over one's life and same thing applies when one decides to take control over one's skin! 

Thus I decided to share with you four of my top favorite skin care products. 

1. Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen $34.00

We all heard that sunscreen is our absolutely best friend agains those harmful UV rays right? But there is always the pain of having to smudge it over our face and making sure no white spots are left behind. 

Well not any more! I had read about Super Goop (cutest name btw) about 6 months ago. Ive tried the Sisheido roll on sunscreen before but I would still have to smudge it over my face since I couldn't perfectly roll it over some areas like between the eyes or under my eyebrows. Thus I decided to try out Supper Goop's unseen sunscreen and im in love! You really can't tell you are wearing sunscreen plus it leaves my screen so smooth. Definitely a must. 

2. PILLBOXED 100% Silk Face Mask $32.00

I you are seeing where this blog is from then the name might sound familiar to you. You got me, I am in PILLBOXED's founder and yes (LOL) I do recommend my own products because I created them based on my own needs which a lot of people seemed to be sharing them too! 

Before I created my silky face masks it was a pain for me to be wearing any other face mask. They were uncomfortable, felt like I couldn't breath, my skin was breaking out, and worst of it all THEY RUINED MY OUTFITS (LOL again). 

Thus creating a hypoallergenic (bye maskne!), breathable (sigh), comfortable and and amazingly looking face mask to complement my outfits. 

3. Numero tres, Plum Plum Hyaluronic Cream $39.00

Ive read about hyaluronic acid before but Ive never tried it in an actual moisturizer which Im always in the look out for. The reviews are true! it does make my skin look and feel hydrated without making it look oily achieving that popular "dewy" glow everyone seem to be obsessing over, me being one of them!

4. The Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid Cleanser $9.00

Hyaluronic again? Yes! but now in my cleanser. First to clarify what is hyaluronic acid for? It helps retains water thus helping moisturize your skin reducing the appearance of fine lines and giving it a healthy fresh looking glow. 

Now that you know what it does, now imagine it in a cleanser. This cleanser (aside from cleansing LOL) locks in moisture for up tot 24 hours, which is more than enough time if you ask me!


    So these are 4 of my favorite skin care products that ill keep on my skin care routine and hopefully you kind it helpful, also you can just go ahead to Sephora and give them a try, remember they have a 30 day return policy so why not give them a go!

Hope you enjoyed.