An ordinary concept, idea or object that was turned avant-garde and sophisticated.

"'Such an elegant women', where the most pronounced words during my grandma's farewell. My grandmother would turn heads as soon as she walked into a room with such poise in her walk, in her style, and overall in her presence. Her poise is something I definitely want to portray on my own, but not just on myself, on my brand too." 

Andrea, inspired by the class and poise of her grandmother, one of the most elegant woman in her life, along with the one of her fashion icon Jackie Kennedy,  decided to bring forth what  P I L L B O X E D would represent: youthful elegance. 

Being Mexican herself, she sought out another talented Mexican woman to help her vision become a reality. Today Andrea and Anabel work to make  P I L L B O X E D a true representation of modern elegance by working with some of the most luxurious fabrics and hand making each garment into a clash of avant-garde sophistication.